Why Facebook Is the Best Social Media for Advertising Your Products

Why Facebook Is the Best Social Media for Advertising Your Products

Imagine you have the following conditions: you just launched your business. You are making limited sales. The marketing budgets are below your expectations. Now, you wonder what to do next. One sure thing you are aware of is that your products can make an enormous impact on the market. But the inability to fund your marketing and promotional campaigns is a setback in this endeavor.

Your peers are advising you to launch a website and pay for the online ads. Even with this advice, no one is ready to help you in the implementation process. Before losing hope on your new venture, why not try Facebook in advertising your products? Here are the reasons why it is the best social media marketing tool:

A high number of active users

From the most recent statistics, Facebook took up the number one position as being the largest social media platform. Facebook has more than 4 billion users with 2 billion active users per month. Imagine reaching out to that population and only selling to a sizeable fraction of them per day. You can become a billionaire within a few days. As you know, any business relies on the available number of target customers. So, unlike other advertising channels, using Facebook helps you to reach a wide range of customers offering you a high chance of making a sale.

Ability to optimize your adverts

Imagine you are selling cosmetics for women in America and get a platform that enables you to select all the attributes of your target customers. How would that be? It is like being handed over a blank check that only requires your signature to approve.

This is what Facebook does for you. The platform helps you to optimize your ads based on the characters and attributes of your target customers. Hence, your ads appear only on the walls of the targeted audience. This offers you a 90% guarantee of a lead or a conversion. Is that a good idea?

It is where target customers spend most their time

Do you know of a hotel positioned next to social meeting place? Probably, it has the highest profit generation possibilities compared to other businesses on the same location. The same case applies to advertising on Facebook. According to statistics, 2 billion users are active on Facebook. By advertising on the platform, you reach out to this number at the place they spend their day. As such you have a higher opportunity of making a sale.

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