Revealed: 4 Causes Why Your Organic Traffic Is Declining

this the current situation on your website? Your organic traffic is declining. When you check the parameters on your SEO tactic, nothing seems to be wrong with it. You have used the relevant links. Importantly, your backlinks are from authoritative websites. Also, your competitor analysis is okay.

If your website realizes that the traffic is decreasing and you don’t know how to act in this situation, it is very important that in this case you consult an SEO expert to help you look at how to solve the problem that is taking place in, we will help you to keep your website in the first places before Google.

Now, you are wondering what is wrong with your website. Are you suffering from Google penalties? Probably, the answer is no as you can still access your site on the search engine even though it has dropped from the top positions on Google ranks. Here are some of the reasons why your organic traffic is declining:

Changes in Google search algorithms

The Google ranking algorithms are not static. Google changes its ranking techniques from time to time to match the current audience needs. The changes have an impact on the current positions of websites and can affect them negatively. If you have not been following the trends on Google search ranking changes, it might be the cause of your falling traffic.

However, the change does not impact your site entirely. You may only need few adjustments on your site to revert back to your original position on the Google search. As such, if you are not suffering from a penalty, then you need to update your site to meet the current ranking algorithms.

Changes in Google search algorithms
Lowered site speed

Losing authoritative internal and external links

As you know, links are a vital part of your SEO strategy. Both internal and external links enhance the crawling process of your website. By this, your site finds a place on the first page of the search engine.

For this reason, losing an authoritative link can have a harsh impact on your traffic.  Links are pointers that direct visitors to your page from other sites. By losing them, it means you have lost a huge source of traffic which affects your ranking.

Such losses can occur when you change your site location without providing a redirect to the new page.  Hence, you need to use the Google Analytics to check whether your links are intact or you lost them if you moved your site to a new location or domain recently.

Increased competition

In this era, each website owner is trying to rank better on Google. As such, the competition for certain keywords and phrases is becoming intense. Hence, if your organic traffic is dropping, there is a possibility that your current SEO strategy is not working.

For you to change the situation, you need to invest your time in researching your competition.  This way, you will be able to develop a winning content strategy that will help you to defeat your online rivals. Hence, you will retain your search engine ranking position.

Losing authoritative internal and external links
Lowered site speed

Lowered site speed

The speed of your website is among the factors that drive organic traffic. As you know, visitors do not have the whole day to wait for your site to load. The higher the speed of a given website, the more visitors it will receive. Notably, more than 50% of online visitors will click the red button at the right corner of the website if pages take more than two seconds to load.  As such, if you want to maintain consistent traffic and ranking position, you must ensure your page loads at a higher speed.


In a word, some problems cause a decrease in your organic traffic. Some of these issues include changes to Google’s search algorithms, loss of authorized links, increased competition, and decreased site speed. If you are faced with the problem of decreased traffic, you should evaluate if your site is experiencing one of these problems and find a way to solve them but at Se Agency we will help you so that these problems do not occur and so your traffic is not affected for your website.



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